Accidental Counsellor Foundations

Accidental Counsellor Foundations (ACF) is aimed at those who would like to be able to safely and effectively support friends, family, colleagues, and strangers who are in distress or experiencing a crisis.


The Accidental Counsellor Foundations workshop is a full-day program will provide you with necessary skills and tools to be able to step into the shoes of an Accidental Counsellor momentarily. You will learn to respond appropriately, efficiently, and effectively to people in crisis or distress.

The skills learnt in ACF can be applied in many contexts, and will provide participants with skills in active listening, calming and effective gentle questioning. You will also learn how to ask openly about suicide risk and respond safely whatever the answer.

Participants gain a greater understanding of how to communicate more effectively and learn strategies to help foster effective and trusting relationships.

The course is open to anyone, and no pre-existing skills or knowledge are required.


Accidental Counsellor Foundations uses a blended training model to provide effectiveness and convenience.


7.5 hours


Group session: delivered in person or virtually by Lifeline trainers


Participants are provided with basic skills to support someone in distress or an emotional crisis by learning how to recognise, respond and refer to an appropriate service. Participants also learn how to ask about suicide.

For 24-hour telephone crisis support, call Lifeline on 13 11 14

If life is in danger, call 000

Lifeline South Coast would like to acknowledge the lives that have been lost to suicide. We are committed to supporting those with a lived experience of suicide and aim to reduce the stigma around seeking help for poor mental health and suicidal crisis.