Community Partnerships

Our organisation has been a beacon of hope for countless individuals navigating their darkest times. Corporate Community Partners give us support to reach more people in crisis, create new training programs and take on new programs to help more people within our community.

Now, we invite you to secure your position as a catalyst for positive change by partnering with Lifeline South Coast.

Why partner with us?

The connection we make with our partners is fundamental to all we do, lives depend on it. Corporate Australia has a powerful opportunity to partner with Lifeline Australia to tackle one of the most complex challenges of our time.

Today’s workplaces and leaders are dealing with complex issues impacting performance; from geopolitical pressures, through to managing digital transformation and preventing cyber attack. Where does mental health sit in this agenda and how can we as leaders foster more open discussion to create mentally healthy work places that support individual wellbeing and business performance?


Partnering with Lifeline provides a unique opportunity to:

  • Access the information, stories and lived experience to support your workplace wellbeing goals
  • Create connections to further your progress in bringing mental wellbeing to the fore of your business; and
  • Provide access to our suite of training and tools to help you build safe workplaces

BlueScope WIN Community Partner

Lifeline South Coast is incredibly proud to be a BlueScope WIN Community Partner. BlueScope’s funding provide direct, impactful and immediate support helping us deliver valuable services through the 13 11 14 crisis line. This makes a real difference to the Illawarra and South Coast Community. 

Thank you BlueScope WIN Community Partners for your ongoing and meaningful support.

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Southern.IML Pathology

Southern.IML Pathology are long term supporters of Lifeline South Coast, helping us to expand our reach and impact from early 2000. We are proud to stand side by side this great organisation.

Southern.IML Pathology strives to provide an excellent diagnostic service for their referring clinicians and patients at all times.

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Wave FM 96.5

Thank you to the wonderful support provided by our Community Media Partner Wave FM 96.5. Thanks to their generous support, we are able to expand the communications of our services like the 13 11 14 Crisis Support line, free community training and community volunteer opportunities. Through this partnership we can increase our contributions within the community and working towards an Australia free of suicide.

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Financial Support

Consider a corporate donation. Adopt Lifeline South Coast as your charity of the year. Fund a project, meals program, or crisis supporter that resonates with your values. True ownership and authenticity.

In-kind Support

Providing goods or services pivotal to the work of Lifeline South Coast to help reduce program costs and allow us to direct donations to service delivery.

Staff engagement program

A comprehensive staff engagement program to retain the current workforce, boost staff development and morale, defining your firm as an employer of choice.

Events and sponsorship

Participation in a fundraising event will energise your firm by engaging staff in collaborative activities.  Raising funds for Lifeline South Coast through a unique fundraising activity presents a fantastic way to unite your employees for a common cause.


For volunteering positions, please visit the volunteer page.

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History & Structure

We were established in Wollongong in March 1969 and the Nowra brand was opened in 1982. The service is non-denominational and Volunteer Telephone Crisis Supporters come from a wide ranges of backgrounds.

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Please find inside links to Lifeline South Coast annual reports and other organisational information. For more information, please call the administration office on (02) 4228 1311.

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For 24-hour telephone crisis support, call Lifeline on 13 11 14

If life is in danger, call 000

Lifeline South Coast would like to acknowledge the lives that have been lost to suicide. We are committed to supporting those with a lived experience of suicide and aim to reduce the stigma around seeking help for poor mental health and suicidal crisis.